Flipper Zero — Tamagochi for Hackers Backed.

Hacking KickStart

With 37,987 backers and almost 5 million dollars (the original goal was $60,000), I’d say they did exceptionally well.

They added some new features from when this Kickstarter began.

One significant addition is an SD card slot! With that addition, it would be a good guess that this device will be able to be used as a jump drive.

The Flipper will have an NFC and Bluetooth, regardless of when you made your pledge.

It will have a speaker and a vibrating motor.

It looks like U2F only via USB.

When it’s all said and done, it looks like you will be able to switch modes on this device quite a bit if you intend to use this device daily. Not only will be a great pen-testing fun adventure toy, but it will also actually be useful.

Let’s hope it’s not a Battlefront 2 disappointment.

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