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May 21

Patch Panel

Here it is! All ready to be laser cut. I tired to make this as universal as possible for most racks. Link To DXF

May 11

Embedded Systems Rack – POWER

You can find this on thingiverse as well! It made since to create a power management block as well that can be racked next to the other rack units. The hardest part is soldering in all the connectors. This is DC Power straight to the Pi so I’m not worried about a power drop midway …

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May 05

Embedded Systems Rack

I’m a system/operations guy and I’ve been in and out of data centers since 2010. During all of that time, I’ve become accustom to having a file server, dns server, tftp for phones, etc etc etc all running and even having open source firewalls in my house. My type of people will understand the struggle …

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